Learn from real-world examples, discover good practices, and gain insights that can shape your own journey towards excellence in the digital realm of agriculture. Within our consortium, we’ve meticulously collected 47 good practices, all harmonized within a specialized reference catalogue titled the “AgriSkills Guidebook on Digitalization in Agriculture”.

This catalogue serves as an indispensable complement to our training course, offering firsthand glimpses into the innovative approaches made by real farms and agricultural organizations. Furthermore, the catalogue showcases innovative technologies for small and big farms and agronomic services. All good practices are thoughtfully organized based on their areas of application, presenting a diverse array of use cases that illustrate their impact across the agricultural value chain.

Moreover, the guidebook offers insightful insights into the current agricultural landscapes of Germany, North Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, and Austria. By diving into the unique challenges and opportunities present in each region, it provides a roadmap for cultivating the essential skills necessary for fostering faster and more sustainable agricultural development.

The feedback from stakeholders speaks volumes: “We’ve long awaited such a practical source of information,” and “This guidebook has proven indispensable, offering much-needed guidance.

All good practices can also be found on the AgriSkills 4.0 eLearning Platform. The “Good Practices” section is organized as an interactive database searchable by various criteria.  You can easily select and access the ones that are of interest to you. Each good practice as well as the reference catalogue can be downloaded as a PDF file to your own computer for convenient reference. Access the platform https://training.agriskills40.com/, and let the journey begin!

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