Cultivating Tomorrow’s Agriculture: The AgriSkills Journey

Let’s begin with an inspiring quote from the Japanese art critic Okakura Kakuzo: “The art of life is a constant re-adjustment to our surroundings.” We can adapt this inspiring saying to agriculture as: “The art of agriculture is a constant re-adjustment to emerging trends” like Precision Agriculture, IoT, Vertical Farming, Data Analytics, and many others. […]

Virtual Tour through the Innovation Farm

Exploring the frontier of Agriculture 4.0, Innovation Farm stands at the forefront, dedicated to ushering farmers into the digital age of agriculture. With a keen eye for innovation, their mission is to empower farmers with cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving landscape of modern farming. At the heart of Innovation Farm’s initiative lies their use […]

Organic Farming: The BIOKARPOS Journey

In the realm of organic farming, traditional practices rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness often face logistical challenges that impact the quality and accessibility of products. From cultivation to distribution, the journey of organic produce can encounter hurdles that compromise freshness and overall quality. Conventional packaging methods may fail to adequately protect products, leading to […]

Transformative Solutions for Quality Grain Storage

In the realm of grain production, ensuring high-quality yields and minimizing post-harvest losses are paramount challenges faced by producers worldwide. Greek agro-technology company Centaur Analytics rises to meet these challenges with an innovative solution designed to revolutionize grain storage practices. By leveraging intelligent sensors that monitor crucial parameters like humidity and temperature, Centaur’s solution offers […]

Early Detection of Plant Stress

In a world grappling with challenges like population growth and climate change, the agriculture sector faces mounting pressure to feed a growing global population sustainably. The current production practices, if continued, would require an area twice the size of India to meet food demand by 2050, exacerbating environmental degradation. Moreover, the agri-food sector’s operations contribute […]

eVineyard: A Digital Solution for Sustainable Vineyard

The wine industry faces a myriad of challenges that impact vineyard operations and grape quality. One such challenge is the scarcity of skilled labor, particularly during critical periods like harvesting. Insufficient labor availability can lead to delays in essential tasks such as pruning and vineyard maintenance, ultimately affecting overall productivity and grape quality. Additionally, rising […]

Gaia Robotics: Transforming Agriculture with Innovative Technology Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of agricultural technology, Gaia Robotics emerges as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Leveraging the diverse expertise of its multidisciplinary team, Gaia embodies a holistic approach to technological advancement, seamlessly integrating ideas from various fields to create secure and responsible solutions. With a primary focus on ICT, Green and Environmental Tech, […]

Bridging Agriculture and Technology: AgriSkills Project Presents 47 Good practices showcased in a Reference Catalogue

Learn from real-world examples, discover good practices, and gain insights that can shape your own journey towards excellence in the digital realm of agriculture. Within our consortium, we’ve meticulously collected 47 good practices, all harmonized within a specialized reference catalogue titled the “AgriSkills Guidebook on Digitalization in Agriculture”. This catalogue serves as an indispensable complement […]

Farmdok – Precision Farming Solution

Traditional farming practices face hurdles that digital technology can effectively overcome. Digital tools streamline field management complexities like crop rotation and soil sampling, providing a centralized overview for efficient planning. Automation of documentation tasks ensures accurate records from seeding to harvest, saving time and effort for farmers. Stock management challenges, such as monitoring movements and […]

Unlocking Livestock Management: The Power of Advanced Technologies

In the field of herd management, the complexity of multi-sensor systems often hinders extensive assessments of animal welfare parameters. Despite the importance of such assessments, they are often overlooked due to the technical complexities involved. To bridge this gap, conductivity sensors have emerged as a practical solution, albeit with limitations. However, realizing the need for […]