Cultivating Tomorrow’s Agriculture: The AgriSkills Journey

Let’s begin with an inspiring quote from the Japanese art critic Okakura Kakuzo: “The art of life is a constant re-adjustment to our surroundings.” We can adapt this inspiring saying to agriculture as: “The art of agriculture is a constant re-adjustment to emerging trends” like Precision Agriculture, IoT, Vertical Farming, Data Analytics, and many others. […]

Early Detection of Plant Stress

In a world grappling with challenges like population growth and climate change, the agriculture sector faces mounting pressure to feed a growing global population sustainably. The current production practices, if continued, would require an area twice the size of India to meet food demand by 2050, exacerbating environmental degradation. Moreover, the agri-food sector’s operations contribute […]

Farmdok – Precision Farming Solution

Traditional farming practices face hurdles that digital technology can effectively overcome. Digital tools streamline field management complexities like crop rotation and soil sampling, providing a centralized overview for efficient planning. Automation of documentation tasks ensures accurate records from seeding to harvest, saving time and effort for farmers. Stock management challenges, such as monitoring movements and […]

Unlocking Livestock Management: The Power of Advanced Technologies

In the field of herd management, the complexity of multi-sensor systems often hinders extensive assessments of animal welfare parameters. Despite the importance of such assessments, they are often overlooked due to the technical complexities involved. To bridge this gap, conductivity sensors have emerged as a practical solution, albeit with limitations. However, realizing the need for […]

Beekeeping Made Smarter: Introducing Beenotes Apiary Management Software

Beekeeping demands meticulous note-taking, and the emergence of Beenotes Apiary Management Software revolutionizes this practice. Designed for beekeepers who prefer smartphone convenience, Beenotes streamlines data collection and analysis through voice recognition technology. By converting spoken observations into digital data, it eliminates the need for cumbersome manual note-taking during hive inspections. Customizable pre-selected questions cater to […]

Precision Agronomy Initiative Related to Cotton Ginning and Trading in Greece

In the heart of north-eastern Greece near Komotini, Thracian Ginning S.A. stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in cotton ginning. Established in 1972, this facility has long been a cornerstone of the region’s agricultural landscape, serving as the primary ginning plant in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for decades. However, unlike cotton-producing powerhouses like […]

SnailX – Snail Management Solution

Photo source: Snails, especially slugs, are a big problem for agriculture because they eat a lot and can damage crops severely. They affect flowers, perennials, and vegetable gardens, causing significant harm to harvests. Traditional methods of controlling slugs often involve chemicals, which can harm the environment and soil. This makes finding sustainable alternatives to deal […]

AgriSkills E-learning Platform: Bridging Borders in Digital Agriculture Education

We are excited to introduce you to an innovative e-Learning platform that’s revolutionizing the agricultural landscape. In today’s digital age, the farming industry is undergoing a transformation, with technology playing a pivotal role in driving efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to unveil our comprehensive training program, designed specifically for farmers […]

Digital Agriculture Support: The AgriSkills Training Course is Released

We’re excited to share the latest updates and accomplishments of the AgriSkills project, an initiative that’s transforming the landscape of agriculture through digital innovation and entrepreneurial skills development. Launched in 2022 and funded by the Erasmus+ Program, AgriSkills is on a mission to revolutionize the agriculture sector by fostering awareness and equipping individuals with the […]

How Digital Agriculture Compliments the Regenerative Agriculture?

Photo © VectorMine Soil degradation is a growing threat to agricultural productivity worldwide. It refers to the decline in soil quality, fertility, and health, resulting from various human activities and natural processes. Addressing soil degradation is crucial for ensuring long-term agricultural productivity and sustainability. Practices like regenerative agriculture can help. What is Regenerative Agriculture? Regenerative […]