Bridging Agriculture and Technology: AgriSkills Project Presents 47 Good practices showcased in a Reference Catalogue

Learn from real-world examples, discover good practices, and gain insights that can shape your own journey towards excellence in the digital realm of agriculture. Within our consortium, we’ve meticulously collected 47 good practices, all harmonized within a specialized reference catalogue titled the “AgriSkills Guidebook on Digitalization in Agriculture”. This catalogue serves as an indispensable complement […]

Smart Agriculture Revolution: Topraq’s IoT Solutions for Precision Farming

In the realm of agriculture, numerous challenges loom large, from climate change disruptions to mismanagement of water resources and limited access to agricultural data. But fear not, innovative solutions are here to revolutionize farming! Introducing Topraq’s cutting-edge sensor technology: Soil Moisture & Temperature, Weather, Rainfall, and more. These sensors provide crucial data for precise irrigation, […]

Demeter Project H2020

Photo: DEMETER Scale Summary. Source: © CORDIS EU research results. Link: The EU is striving to support sustainable agriculture and food production while protecting natural resources and ensuring food safety. Smart farming, utilizing technologies like GPS, soil scanning, data management, and the Internet of Things (IoT), holds promise for improving both the quantity and […]

Smart Farming Initiative

Photo source: © Smart Farming Initiative website.  Link: The Smart Farming program is a collaboration between Bodossaki Foundation, AB Vassilopoulos, and the American Farm School in Greece, aimed at supporting Greek agriculture. Their goal is to introduce new technologies to Greek farmers to improve productivity and sustainability. The program focuses on providing tools and training […]

Competence Center “Weinbau 4.0″

Photo: Supporting drones operated at the wine growing facilities, Source: © Ulrich Spitzmüller, Emmendingen Regional winemakers encounter various challenges, including changes in industry structure, succession planning, labor shortages, climate change impacts, and sustainable farming practices. To address these issues, the “Weinbau 4.0” project, spearheaded by the Economic Development Agency of the Emmendingen district, was officially recognized […]