Greenovation: Transforming Greenhouse and Livestock Monitoring with Radicos’ TWIN System

Picture: Radicos aims to address the challenges of monitoring greenhouses and livestock housing with its TWIN Greenhouse & Livestock Housing Monitoring System. The complex environments of greenhouses and livestock housing demand precise monitoring of temperature, humidity, and air quality. Radicos’ solution involves deploying an extensive network of hundreds of sensors to provide comprehensive and […]

Revolutionizing Pig Weighing: Introducing WUGGL’s Innovative Solution

Photo source: Traditional methods of weighing pigs have long been a challenge for farmers due to their time-consuming and labor-intensive nature, as well as the stress they can induce on the animals. WUGGL, an agricultural startup based in Austria, has developed an innovative solution to revolutionize pig weighing. Their technology eliminates the need for […]

Kmetija Čretnik: Holistic Farm Transformation for Enhanced Animal Welfare and Sustainable Productivity

Photo: © Farm Čretnik. Source: Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Slovenia, Farm Čretnik faced its fair share of challenges—a dilapidated barn, limited pasture space, and outdated farming practices. Determined to overcome these hurdles while prioritizing animal welfare and environmental sustainability, the farm embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation. The heart of […]

Unlocking the Potential of Agricultural Data: Introducing AgriDataSpace

Photo source: © PSNC, Poland  In today’s digital age, data reigns supreme, driving innovation and fueling economic growth. However, while large data platforms reap the rewards of data trading, the creators often find themselves on the sidelines, left with minimal benefits or none at all. This disparity is particularly evident in agriculture, where farmers grapple with […]

Support Program: AgTechUCD Innovation Centre

Photo source: © AgTechUCD In the heart of Ireland, at the University College Dublin (UCD), AgTechUCD Innovation Centre stands as a beacon of innovation, igniting the spark of creativity in the agricultural landscape. This accelerator program is dedicated to propelling early-stage startups and SMEs with groundbreaking ideas in AgTech, Agrifood, Veterinary, and Equine sectors to the […]

Intelligent Sensor Networks in Farming Machines

Photo: The combine harvestor at work. Source:© InSensEPro Efficient harvesting is a complex endeavor, with combine harvesters constantly adapting to field conditions and weather. Variations in plant size, spikes, grain count, and size, influenced by factors like soil quality, water distribution, and shading, eliminate any one-size-fits-all approach. This raises pivotal questions: How can we enhance […]