We’re excited to share the latest updates and accomplishments of the AgriSkills project, an initiative that’s transforming the landscape of agriculture through digital innovation and entrepreneurial skills development. Launched in 2022 and funded by the Erasmus+ Program, AgriSkills is on a mission to revolutionize the agriculture sector by fostering awareness and equipping individuals with the necessary skills for digital, precision, and smart farming.

Our ongoing efforts are already yielding positive outcomes. The AgriSkills project is making a significant impact by elevating awareness, knowledge, and skills among learners and trainers in the field of digitalization and digital farming. We’re proud to contribute to building a community that is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture.

AgriSkills Training Course: A Guided Tour of Digital Opportunities

One of our key achievements is the development of the AgriSkills Training Course, designed as a “guided tour” through the vast realm of digital opportunities in agriculture. The course introduces essential skills and competences needed for success in digital, precision, and smart farming. We’re closing a crucial training gap by offering this program, which is available in English and the languages of our partnership countries (German, Greek, Slovenian, Macedonian).

Training Modules and Insights

The course consists of five comprehensive modules, tailored to address the needs identified through our initial survey, “Survey Findings: Uncovering Essential Skills for Adopting Digital Technologies in Agriculture.” This survey, conducted in five European countries – Germany, North Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, and Austria – shaped the foundation of our training modules. Check out the insightful analysis of our target groups’ needs here: https://agriskills40.com/goals-results/need-analysis-survey-findings/

Accessibility and Application

The AgriSkills Training Course is freely available for use by anyone, and it has been developed under a Creative Commons license. Suitable for self-learning and blended learning, vocational education, and training organizations can integrate it into their educational purposes, ensuring widespread access to valuable knowledge and skills.

Explore the training modules here https://training.agriskills40.com/modules/ and join us on this exciting journey towards a sustainable and digitally empowered future for agriculture.

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