AgriSkills 4.0



We are focused on positive change.

We are five European partners from Germany, Greece, North Macedonia, Austria, and Slovenia, united with a mission to support sustainable development in rural areas across Europe at the regional level. Our team boasts extensive experience in business development, vocational training, digital technologies, innovation management and regional development. 

We are locally driven, from our regions where the need for better agricultural development is recognized, using the opportunities for digitalization.


Our Activities

Our primary focus revolves around five key activities::

  • Identifying skills gaps in digital agriculture, business development, and financing.
  • Developing a multilingual training course to enable farmers, agribusinesses, and other stakeholders to identify and exploit growth opportunities through the application of digital technologies.
  • Building the AgriSkills 4.0 e-Learning Platform and mobile app for self-paced, blended learning and open online courses for farmers, VET providers, and agricultural entrepreneurs working in rural areas.
  • Collecting good practices and describing use cases and initiatives in the field of digital technologies, relevant skills and competences.
  • Organizing multiplier events to launch an AgriSkills Training Course and disseminate all collected good practices, use cases, and initiatives in digital farming and skills building.


Through the dissemination of valuable knowledge, the exchange of good practices, the facilitation of innovative solutions, and promoting skill development across the agricultural value chain, we strive to create a more resilient, efficient, and environmentally conscious agricultural landscape. Together, we are committed to advancing the principles of sustainability and driving positive change within the agricultural industry for generations to come. 

Our Organisations


INI-Novation is an international business consulting company with a focus on innovation management and technology commercialization.


CONNEXIONS is a Greeк startup company focused on design, implementation, support of ICT solutions for the sector of education with social impact. 


MEDF is a foundation from North Macedonia supporting to small and medium enterprises and economic development programmes. 


WIN is a VET provider, experienced in managing and coordinating scientific cooperation in European research and education programmes.


ID20 is a Slovenian Institute for Heritage Innovations applying innovative approach, marketing and social entrepreneurship in cultural heritage in rural areas.


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Project number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000034651

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