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Need Analysis Survey

Assessing Farmer Needs: Identifying Essential Skills for Thriving in Digital Agriculture

In today’s rapidly evolving agricultural landscape, the integration of digital technologies has become necessary to maximize efficiency, productivity and sustainability. As such, acquiring the necessary skills to navigate this digital frontier is paramount for agricultural professionals. From data analysis and precision farming techniques to mastery of agricultural software and hardware systems, a diverse set of competencies is required. In addition, expertise in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, drones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices is increasingly important. In this dynamic environment, mastering digital farming skills not only ensures competitiveness, but also promotes innovation and sustainability in meeting the challenges of modern agriculture.

To develop the AgriSkills Training Course, our team initiated research in rural areas of Germany, Austria, Greece, Slovenia and North Macedonia, engaging farmers, farmers’ organizations and key stakeholders. The aim was to identify missing or insufficient skills that are critical to the development of digital agriculture on farms and agribusinesses. Through direct questionnaires to stakeholders, our main aim was to find out which skills they are looking to improve and in which areas they are looking to deepen their knowledge. This approach ensures that all the knowledge provided in the AgriSkills Training Course is relevant and based on the real needs of farms and businesses to equip and effectively integrate digital technologies and practices for sustainable success.

The survey, titled ‘Survey Findings: Uncovering Essential Skills for Adopting Digital Technologies in Agriculture’, is available for viewing below. You can also choose to download it as a PDF file for your convenience.

Download: Agriskills Survey Need Analysis_Augist 2022


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