The analysis of farmers’ needs for the development of skills, knowledge and competencies for the implementation of digital technologies is ready

After four months of work, our consortium has achieved its first milestone. “Entrepreneurial skills for the digitization of agriculture in rural areas” is a study conducted in five European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, North Macedonia and Greece. The main respondents were farmers, representatives of farmers’ organizations and training centers. We explored their needs for more knowledge and skills to be able to successfully introduce digital technologies into their work processes. We have identified where there are gaps and what needs to be filled through training.

The study and analysis was conducted under the guidance of our partner MEDF from North Macedonia with the participation of all partners in their regions.

This analysis is the first step towards the creation of our Agriskills Training Course, which aims to improve the knowledge and skills of those employed in agriculture in connection with the influx of digital technologies in the field and the change in the way of work. New skills are needed for farms to be successful, effective and sustainable in the new digital environment.

You can see the analysis in the presentation below: