In the heart of north-eastern Greece near Komotini, Thracian Ginning S.A. stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in cotton ginning. Established in 1972, this facility has long been a cornerstone of the region’s agricultural landscape, serving as the primary ginning plant in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for decades.

However, unlike cotton-producing powerhouses like America, Australia, and Brazil, Greece faced unique challenges stemming from fragmented land ownership. Even major cotton producers found their plots scattered across vast distances, posing logistical hurdles that hindered essential investments in modern agricultural technologies such as weather stations and sensors.

Faced with these challenges, Thracian Ginnings embarked on a journey towards smart farming, prioritizing precise energy application to optimize resource usage. With a focus on input savings, enhanced yields, superior quality, and reduced environmental impact, the company embraced smart farming as the key to unlocking its full potential.

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Cover photo: Thrakika Ekkokistiria S.A. – Cotton Ginning & Trading, link:

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