Virtual Tour through the Innovation Farm

Exploring the frontier of Agriculture 4.0, Innovation Farm stands at the forefront, dedicated to ushering farmers into the digital age of agriculture. With a keen eye for innovation, their mission is to empower farmers with cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving landscape of modern farming. At the heart of Innovation Farm’s initiative lies their use […]

Organic Farming: The BIOKARPOS Journey

In the realm of organic farming, traditional practices rooted in sustainability and environmental consciousness often face logistical challenges that impact the quality and accessibility of products. From cultivation to distribution, the journey of organic produce can encounter hurdles that compromise freshness and overall quality. Conventional packaging methods may fail to adequately protect products, leading to […]

Transformative Solutions for Quality Grain Storage

In the realm of grain production, ensuring high-quality yields and minimizing post-harvest losses are paramount challenges faced by producers worldwide. Greek agro-technology company Centaur Analytics rises to meet these challenges with an innovative solution designed to revolutionize grain storage practices. By leveraging intelligent sensors that monitor crucial parameters like humidity and temperature, Centaur’s solution offers […]

eVineyard: A Digital Solution for Sustainable Vineyard

The wine industry faces a myriad of challenges that impact vineyard operations and grape quality. One such challenge is the scarcity of skilled labor, particularly during critical periods like harvesting. Insufficient labor availability can lead to delays in essential tasks such as pruning and vineyard maintenance, ultimately affecting overall productivity and grape quality. Additionally, rising […]

Unlocking Livestock Management: The Power of Advanced Technologies

In the field of herd management, the complexity of multi-sensor systems often hinders extensive assessments of animal welfare parameters. Despite the importance of such assessments, they are often overlooked due to the technical complexities involved. To bridge this gap, conductivity sensors have emerged as a practical solution, albeit with limitations. However, realizing the need for […]

Beekeeping Made Smarter: Introducing Beenotes Apiary Management Software

Beekeeping demands meticulous note-taking, and the emergence of Beenotes Apiary Management Software revolutionizes this practice. Designed for beekeepers who prefer smartphone convenience, Beenotes streamlines data collection and analysis through voice recognition technology. By converting spoken observations into digital data, it eliminates the need for cumbersome manual note-taking during hive inspections. Customizable pre-selected questions cater to […]

Precision Agronomy Initiative Related to Cotton Ginning and Trading in Greece

In the heart of north-eastern Greece near Komotini, Thracian Ginning S.A. stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in cotton ginning. Established in 1972, this facility has long been a cornerstone of the region’s agricultural landscape, serving as the primary ginning plant in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for decades. However, unlike cotton-producing powerhouses like […]

Radar Sensors for Precision Farming

In today’s industrial landscape, maintaining precise measurements is crucial across various sectors. Whether it’s ensuring the right dimensions in product manufacturing or optimizing resources to minimize environmental impact, accurate measurements are paramount. Nowhere is this more apparent than in agriculture, where precision farming demands exactness in every aspect of operation. Enter OndoSense, a pioneering provider […]

Smart Agriculture Revolution: Topraq’s IoT Solutions for Precision Farming

In the realm of agriculture, numerous challenges loom large, from climate change disruptions to mismanagement of water resources and limited access to agricultural data. But fear not, innovative solutions are here to revolutionize farming! Introducing Topraq’s cutting-edge sensor technology: Soil Moisture & Temperature, Weather, Rainfall, and more. These sensors provide crucial data for precise irrigation, […]

Intelligent Sensor Networks in Farming Machines

Photo: The combine harvestor at work. Source:© InSensEPro Efficient harvesting is a complex endeavor, with combine harvesters constantly adapting to field conditions and weather. Variations in plant size, spikes, grain count, and size, influenced by factors like soil quality, water distribution, and shading, eliminate any one-size-fits-all approach. This raises pivotal questions: How can we enhance […]