Virtual Tour through the Innovation Farm

Exploring the frontier of Agriculture 4.0, Innovation Farm stands at the forefront, dedicated to ushering farmers into the digital age of agriculture. With a keen eye for innovation, their mission is to empower farmers with cutting-edge solutions tailored to the evolving landscape of modern farming. At the heart of Innovation Farm’s initiative lies their use […]

Farmdok – Precision Farming Solution

Traditional farming practices face hurdles that digital technology can effectively overcome. Digital tools streamline field management complexities like crop rotation and soil sampling, providing a centralized overview for efficient planning. Automation of documentation tasks ensures accurate records from seeding to harvest, saving time and effort for farmers. Stock management challenges, such as monitoring movements and […]

Precision Agronomy Initiative Related to Cotton Ginning and Trading in Greece

In the heart of north-eastern Greece near Komotini, Thracian Ginning S.A. stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation in cotton ginning. Established in 1972, this facility has long been a cornerstone of the region’s agricultural landscape, serving as the primary ginning plant in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace for decades. However, unlike cotton-producing powerhouses like […]

Demeter Project H2020

Photo: DEMETER Scale Summary. Source: © CORDIS EU research results. Link: The EU is striving to support sustainable agriculture and food production while protecting natural resources and ensuring food safety. Smart farming, utilizing technologies like GPS, soil scanning, data management, and the Internet of Things (IoT), holds promise for improving both the quantity and […]

Small Farmers’ First Steps Towards Effective Digital Farming

Photo: © Suwin Puengsamrong, Digital agriculture, which encompasses the use of digital technologies in farming practices, has a significant influence on the sustainability of rural areas. digital agriculture empowers farmers with information, insights, and tools to adopt sustainable practices, optimize resource use, and enhance productivity. By integrating digital technologies into agricultural systems, rural areas […]

Embrace the Future and Start Exploring the World of Digital Agriculture

Are you ready to take your farming to the next level?  Digital agriculture is the future, and it’s time for you to join in. Embracing digital agriculture can bring significant benefits to your farm, including increased productivity, reduced costs, and better crop yields. By incorporating digital technologies, such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, and big […]

Face-to-face meeting in Darmstadt

10.05.2022 The kick-off project meeting brought together the AgriSKills partners from diverse backgrounds and expertise to lay the foundation for our collaborative journey ahead. Hosted in the vibrant city of Darmstadt, the meeting commenced with warm introductions and presentations from each partner, providing insights into their respective strengths and contributions to the project. With enthusiasm […]

Online kick-off meeting “AgriSkills”

22.03.2022 We have Strated! We are happy to announce that the European Erasmus+ project “Agriskills” has been successfully launched online. Our consortium consists of five European partners – INI-Novation (Germany), Connextions (Greece), MEDF (North Macedonia), WIN (Austria) and ID20 (Slovenia) with expertise in business development, vocational training, digital technologies, innovation management and regional development. All […]