How Digital Agriculture Compliments the Regenerative Agriculture?

Soil degradation is a growing threat to agricultural productivity worldwide. It refers to the decline in soil quality, fertility, and health, resulting from various human activities and natural processes. Addressing soil degradation is crucial for ensuring long-term agricultural productivity and sustainability. Practices like regenerative agriculture can help. What is Regenerative Agriculture? Regenerative agriculture is an […]

Embrace the Future and Start Exploring the World of Digital Agriculture

Are you ready to take your farming to the next level?  Digital agriculture is the future, and it’s time for you to join in. Embracing digital agriculture can bring significant benefits to your farm, including increased productivity, reduced costs, and better crop yields. By incorporating digital technologies, such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, and big […]

What are the Actual Skill Needs of Farmers to Achieve Success in Digital Transformation?

Our analysis of the skill development, knowledge, and competencies needed by farmers for the successful implementation of digital technologies is complete. The “Entrepreneurial Skills for the Digitization of Agriculture in Rural Areas“ is a study conducted in 2022 by our AgriSkills team across the rural areas of five European countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, North Macedonia, […]